Company information

Company overview

Name Kanden Realty & Development Co.,Ltd.
Headquaters Address 3-23, NAKANOSHIMA 3-CHOME, KITA-KU, OSAKA, 530-0005, JAPAN
Date of Establishment May,1957
Capital 810 million yen
Shareholder Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Amount of Sales 105.8 billion yen for fiscal year 2021
Number of Employees 615 as April 1, 2022
  • Condominium and housing (built for sale) business
  • Rental housing business
  • Office building business
  • Commercial facility business
  • Real estate fund business
  • Real estate solutions business
  • Overseas business
  • Mineral water business
  • Green solutions business


Chairperson KAGAWA Jiroh
President FUJINO Kenichi
Director, Vice President Executive Officer HORI Toshiaki
Director, Managing Executive Officer OZUKU Momosuke
Director, Managing Executive Officer MIYANAGA Ryo
Director, Senior Executive Officer FUJITA Kazuhisa
Director, Executive Officer IRIE Masayuki
Director, Executive Officer TAKAGI Masahiro
Director, Executive Officer MAYA Isao
Director HAMADA Seiichiro
Audit & Supervisory Board Member MATSUMURA Naoto
Audit & Supervisory Board Member KINDAN Isao
Audit & Supervisory Board Member SHIMAMOTO Yasuji